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Welcome to Hodgka Promisance 4.81!
Promisance is a turn-based strategy game in which your goal is to build the most powerful empire by whatever means necessary, whether through diplomacy or war. More information can be found in the game's Guide.
The first step to running your own empire is to sign up. By creating an empire, you will also be given a user account which you can reuse in later rounds in order to rank amongst the All Time Top Players.
When each round ends, the name of your user account will be shown next to your empire in Round History. Until then, none will know who controls your empire as long as you remain alive.
Should your empire be destroyed or abandoned during the round, the Graveyard will make your name known to all.
The Administration reserves the right to delete any accounts not abiding by the rules.

Server Rules
Multiple Accounts
Players are allowed to create a single account and run 1 empire at a time.
Players may only use their own account and may not share accounts or baby-sit for others.
Anyone found abusing multiple accounts to play extra empires will have their empires disabled and may have their accounts closed.
If you are uncertain whether or not you are abiding by the rules, please contact a Moderator or Administrator.
Acceptable Use
  • Pornography and excessive profanity are not allowed - such material may be offensive to other players.
  • Discussion of illegal software (e.g. warez) or activity (e.g. hacking other sites) is prohibited.
  • Engaging in commercial activity is not allowed - only the site administrators are permitted to post advertisements.
  • Real life threats and violation of user privacy are forbidden.
Offenders may have their empires disabled, accounts deleted, and potentially their IP addresses permanently banned.
If you have trouble accessing the game, please email the administrator and include all of the following in your message:
  1. In the message's Subject line, the name of the game in which you are having a problem: "Hodgka Promisance 4.81".
  2. Your account's username. Never email your password.
  3. The Name and ID number of all empires involved, as would be seen on the Scores listing.
  4. A detailed description of the problem you are experiencing.
Failure to include all of the above will likely result in your message being ignored and deleted.
Additional Information
Additional information can be found in our forums.
Please read through the FAQs before contacting an Administrator.

A validation code will be sent to you via e-mail.
If necessary, add the address "" to your spam filter's whitelist.

If you have played here before, you may reuse the same account you created originally.
Simply enter your username and password, and leave the fields marked with "*" blank (values in these fields will be ignored).

Account Information
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Your e-mail address will remain strictly confidential.
Empire Information
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